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Asian Long-horned Beetle

Common name for a species of large beetle in the Cerambycidae family and with the scientific designation Anoplophora glabripennis. It is native to the Far East, occurring in countries such as China, Japan and Korea, as well as to northern parts of Southeast Asia. This insect has a body length of up to 4 centimeter and long antennae of up to 10 centimeters. It is shiny black with white to whitish-blue spots on the elytra and the lower segments of the legs, while the black antennae have a series of white to whitish-blue bands. This beetle can fly, but due to its size and weight generally only for short distances. Though it takes the Asian Long-horned Beetle between one and three years to reach maturity, its adult lifespan is in the wild is rather short, reportedly only around 50 days for males and about a little over two weeks longer for females. This beetle feeds on leaves, twigs, and other plant matter, while their larvae feed on the healthy bark, phloem and xylem of certain hardwood trees, which they infest and eventually cause to die. Also commonly known as Sky Beetle and Starry Sky, sometimes referred to as ALB, i.e. the abbreviation of its common name, and in Thai called duang nuad yao asia (ด้วงหนวดยาวเอเชีย). See also WILDLIFE PICTURES.