Centennial of the Thai National Flag (2017)



 Issue Name:

Centennial of the Thai National Flag

 Thai Issue Name:

100 ปี ธงไตรรงค์

 Issue Date:



To mark the Centennial of the Thai National Flag

 Catalogue Number:



3 Baht

 Unused Value:

3 Baht

 Used Value:

1 Baht

 Thailex Collection:



30 x 48 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:

500,000 pieces per design


Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand


The Thai National Flag, known in Thai as thong chaht and also referred as thong trai rong, i.e. tricolour, consists of horizontal red-white-blue-white-red bands, colours that symbolize the nation (red), the monarchy (blue) and religion (white) and was introduced in 1917 by King Rama VI. Shown underneath the current national flag are some former models, namely, from left to right: Thong Chak (fig.), used from AD 1782 to 1817; Thong Chang Chak (fig.), used from AD 1817 to 1855; Thong Chang (fig.), used from AD 1855 to 1893-1917; and Thong Chang Song Kreuang (fig.), used from AD 1898 to 1917. Missing from this chronological list is Thong Chang Song Kreuang Chak (fig.), which was used between AD 1893 and 1898, while depicted here on the outermost right is the Civil Ensign, in Thai known as thong kha khaay or ‘trade flag’, a rectangular flag with two white parallel stripes on a plain red background (fig.), which was used briefly between ca. AD 1916 and 1917 as the precursor of the current national flag, and thus used for a while simultaneously with the Thong Chang Song Kreuang. In the upper back ground of the postage stamp is a silhouette of Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, two national icons, while the lower back ground shows a sea of small Thai National Flags, suggesting a crowd waving flags at Sanam Luang, i.e. the field in front of the royal palace.

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