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maengmoom lang naam (แมงมุมหลังหนาม)

Thai. ‘Spiny-backed spider’. Generic name for a genus of spider, which members are commonly referred to as Spiny Orb-weavers or Spiny-backed Orb-weavers (fig.), and of which there are several species and subspecies, including the Long-horned Orb-weaver, which is also commonly known as Curved Spiny Spider (fig.) and with the scientific designation Macracantha arcuata. They belong to the family Araneidae and include the subfamily Gasteracanthinae, genus Gasteracantha. Members are typified by a crab-like shell on their back, with an even number of spine-like projections, usually totaling between two and six (fig.), such as in Gasteracantha cancriformis, G. kuhlii and G. minax (Austracantha minax). Their shell is generally black with a pattern in another colour, often white or yellow. Depending on the species, spiders of this genus may also be called Crab Spider, Six Spined Spider, Spiny Spider, Spiny-bellied Orb-weaver, Jewel Spider, Jewel Box Spider and Smiley Face Spider, among others. See also WILDLIFE PICTURES (1), (2).