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Wat Phrathat Haripunchai (วัดพระธาตุหริภุญชัย)

Thai. Name of a Buddhist temple in Lamphun. According to legend the temple's main or central chedi was built in 1064 AD by King Athitayaraat (อาทิตยราช), the King of Haripunchai, to house some relic bones of the Buddha. Simultaneously, his royal consort Queen Pathumwadi (ปทุมวดี) had the pyramid-shaped Chedi Pathumwadi (ปทุมวดีเจดีย์) built, which  is named after her. It is topped with a golden pinnacle and is hence also referred to as Suwanna Chedi (สุวรรณเจดีย์), i.e. the Golden Pagoda. It is made of bricks and has several arched niches, which used to contain Buddha images, akin to those on the chedi of Ku Kut Wat Chamadevi (fig.), although today most of them at Chedi Pathumwadi are missing (map - fig.). The main chedi, containing the relics of the Buddha, is called Phra Borommathat Haripunchai (พระบรมธาตุหริภุญชัย). It features on the one satang coin, minted from 1986 onward. The temple compound has several wihaan, including Wihaan Phra Lawo (วิหารพระละโว้), which houses a statue of Queen Chamadevi (fig.), and the main Wihaan Luang (วิหารหลวง). Though originally constructed in the Dvaravati-style, later renovations and newer edifices have been built in the Lan Na-style. See also POSTAGE STAMPS and MAP.