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Wang Witthayu (วังวิทยุ)

Thai. ‘Wireless Palace’. Name of the former residence of Prince Rangsit Prayoonsak (fig.) on Witthayu Road in Bangkok. After having purchased land at what at that time was a suburb, he hired a Swiss architect to design the new palace in a Swiss-German style, while designing the interior of the palace himself. It was built with a thick wall to prevent moisture damage from outside and to maintain a consistent temperature inside, in order to store his collection of antiques and art works. The Prince Regent lived there with his family until his death on 7 March 1951, after which his son Prince Piyarangsit Rangsit and his wife, Princess Wiphawadi Rangsit, took residence in the palace. Today, Wang Witthayu is the property of their three daughters, who have signed a heritage record that states that the ancient collectible objects will be kept in their original location to honour their ancestor.