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Wang Parutsakawan (วังปารุสกวัน)

Thai. Parutsakawan Palace. Name of a European-style royal mansion in Bangkok's Dusit area, named after one of the four paradise gardens of the Hindu god Indra, the others being Nanthawan (นันทวัน), Chitraladawan (จิตรลดาวัน), after which the Chitralada Palace (fig.) is named, and Misakwan (มิสกวัน). Its construction between 1903 and 1905 was commissioned by King Chulalongkorn (fig.) and intended as the residence for Prince Chakraphong Phuwanaht (fig.), the 22nd son and 43rd child of King Rama V, upon his return from his studies in Russia. Parutsakawan Palace initially consisted of two mansions, the other one called Chitralada Villa and located on the north side, was used as the residence of Crown Prince Wachirawut until he ascended the throne as King Rama VI. In his reign, both villas were joined into the present palace. Today, it houses the Police Museum (fig.), which is divided into several zones, both inside the former palace and in a new building in the back of the garden (map - fig.), and displays an exhibition on the evolution of the Royal Thai Police (fig.), socially and politically, from the 16th century onward. Also transliterated Wang Parusakawan and in English ften referred to as Paruskavan Palace. See MAP.