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Wang Burapha Phirom (วังบูรพาภิรมย์)

Thai. Name of a former Royal Palace, that was once located in the eastern part of the southern area of Rattanakosin Island, near Khlong Rop Krung. It was built in 1875 AD by King Rama V as a residence for his youngest full brother Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse (fig.), the fourth son of Queen Rampheuy Phamaraphirom, who was the second consort of King Mongkut, i.e. Rama V. Whereas Wang means ‘Palace’, Burapah means ‘East’ and refers to its location, whereas Phirom represents the last part of their mother's name. The palace was dismantled in 1952 AD to make place for a trade centre and several movie theatres.