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Reua Asuravayuphak (เรืออสุรวายุภักษ์)

Thai. Name of an escort barge that accompanies the true Royal Barges. It's bow has a figurehead that represents the giant or demon (asura) Vayuhpak (fig.), also known as Asurawayuphak, a mythical creature from Himaphan Forest (fig.), with a dark purplish complexion. It has a crew of 30 rowers and 2 helmsmen (fig.), besides a trumpeter, an officer, etc. The oarsmen wear pink trousers, a dark-blue to purplish shirt trimmed with gold, and a red Malabiang-helmet, whilst the oars are silver with a red handle. It sails on the port side of the procession, to the opposite side of Reua Asurapaksi. From afar, both the Reua Asurapaksi and Reua Asuravayuphak escort barges are confusingly similar to the Garuda escort barges Reua Krut Heun Het (fig.) and Reua Krut Tret Traichak (fig.), and can from a distance best be distinguished by the fact that the bird-like figureheads (fig.) of the former two barges have their arms in a downward pose (fig.), whereas the arms of the figureheads on the prows of the Garuda escort barges have their arms held up (fig.). See also PROCESSION LINE-UP.