Thai Fish - 2nd Series (1968) ●







 Issue Name: Thai Fish (2nd Series)
 Thai Issue Name: ปลาไทย (ชุดที่ 2)
 Issue Date: 1968/2511-06-01
 Cause: To publicize some of the fish found in the waters of Thailand
 Catalogue Number: 1968/5-12
 Denomination: 0.1 Baht, 0.2 Baht, 0.25 Baht, 0.5 Baht, 0.8 Baht, 1.25 Baht, 1.5 Baht, 4 Baht
 Unused Value: 20 Baht, 30 Baht, 40 Baht, 50 Baht, 160 Baht, 300 Baht, 700 Baht, 1,300 Baht
 Complete Set:  2,600 Baht (unused), 900 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: n/c
 Size: 27 x 45 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 1,000,000 pieces each for designs 1968/5 and 1968/7; 2,000,000 pieces for design 1968/6; 3,000,000 pieces for design 1968/8; and 500,000 pieces each for designs 1968/9-12
 Printer: Government Printing Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan
 Subject: 1. Snakeskin Gourami (Trichopodus pectoralis), in Thai called pla salid (ปลาสลิด); 2. Red-tailed Black Shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor), in Thai known as pla song kreuang (ปลาทรงเครื่อง); 3. Thai Mahseer (Tor tambroides), with the Thai designation pla wian (ปลาเวียน); 4. Paroon Shark (Pangasius sanitwongsei), in Thai named pla thepha (ปลาเทพา); 5. Siamese Barred Catfish (Pseudomystus siamensis), in Thai called pla kod hin (ปลากดหิน); 6. Queen of Siam Goby (Mugilogobius rambaiae), in Thai known as pla boo (ปลาบู่); 7. Siamese Giant Carp (Catlocrpio siamensis), in Thai referred to as pla krahoh (ปลากระโห้); 8. Clown Featherback (Chitala ornata), in Thai named pla kraay (ปลากราย)
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