Five Medallions of Venerated Monks (2011)


Luang Pho Klan    Luang Poo Ihyam

Luang Poo Suk    Luang Pho Khong    Luang Pho Chui


 Issue Name: Five Medallions of Venerated Monks
 Thai Issue Name: พระเบญจภาคีเหรียญเกจิอาจารย์
 Issue Date: 2011/2554-11-11
 Cause: To promote stamp collecting and publicize Buddhist Amulets
 Catalogue Number: 2011/133-137
 Denomination: 9 Baht (all designs)
 Unused Value: 12 Baht (4 designs)
 Complete Set: 60 Baht (unused), 15 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: Unused set
 Size: 40.5 x 30 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 700,000 pieces per design
 Printer: Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand
 Subject: Ancient medallions of venerated monks, which are collected and worn as amulets: 1. copper medallion plated with gold, depicting Luang Pho Klan (กลั่น) of Wat Phraya Tikaram (วัดพระญาติการาม) in Ayutthaya (BE 2469 - 1926 AD); 2. enameled gold medallion, depicting Luang Poo Ihyam (เอี่ยม) of Wat Nang Ratchaworawiharn (วัดหนังราชวรวิหาร) in Bangkok (BE 2467 - 1924 AD); 3. copper medallion plated with gold, depicting Luang Poo Suk (ศุข) of Wat Pahk Khlong Makhaam Tao (วัดปากคลองมะขามเฒ่า) in Chainat (BE 2466 - 1923 AD); 4. copper medallion, depicting Luang Pho Khong (คง) of Wat Bang Ka Phom (วัดบางกะพ้อม) in Samut Songkhram (BE 2484 - 1941); 5. fumed copper, depicting Luang Pho Chui (ฉุย) of Wat Khongkharam (วัดคงคาราม) in Phetchaburi (BE 2465 - 1922 AD)
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