Lotus and Water Lily Stamp Mosaics (1991)


pink water lily    pink lotuses

white lotus    orangey red water lilies


 Issue Name:   Lotus and Water Lily Mosaics
 Thai Issue Name:   ภาพประดิษฐ์ดอกบัว
 Issue Date:   1991/2534-05-28
 Cause:   To publicize Thai lotuses and water lilies, with pictures of the prize winning mosaic collages composed of used postage stamps from the 1990 International Letter Writing Week Competition under the theme dok bua, which refers to both water lilies and lotuses, though the latter are in full formally known as dok bua luang.
 Catalogue Number:   1991/13-16
 Denomination:   2 Baht, 3 Baht, 5 Baht, 6 Baht
 Unused Value:   6 Baht, 7 Baht, 10 Baht, 11 Baht
 Complete Set:    34 Baht (unused), 30 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection:   Unused set
 Size:   45 x 27 mm for designs A and B; 27 x 45 mm for designs C and D
 Quantity of Stamps:   3 million pieces for design A, and 1 million pieces each for designs B-D
 Printer:   Cartor S.A., France
 Subject:   1. pink water lily, winner of the first prize and composed by Klum Krung Kao (กลุ่มกรุงเก่า), i.e. ‘Ancient City Group’; 2. pink lotuses, winner of the second prize and made by the Art Section, 4th grade Mathayom Seuksah of the Khon Kaen Wittahayayon School (ร.ร. ขอนแก่นวิทายน); 3. white lotus, winner of the third prize and composed by Miss Rattanapon Sukhasem (น.ส. รัตนาภรณ์ ศุขเขษม); ฟืก 4. orangey red water lilies, winner of the consolation prize and made by Miss Kanokwan Chakaphum (น.ส. กนกวรรณ ชคภูมิ)
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