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malai khao tok (มาลัยข้าวตอก)

Thai. ‘Popped rice garland’. Name for a kind of garland, or certain types of mobile (fig.) known in Thai as kreuang khwaen (fig.), made of stringed khao tok (fig.), i.e. kernels of rice that have been popped, and adorned with colourful paper flowers, usually of a single colour per garland or mobile, which are used to suspend as a kind of artifact. The can be made from different kinds of popped rice, resulting either in an overall white colour, or in a mix of light and dark colours. Malai khao tok are related to Yasothon, where these kind of mobiles and garlands are put on display and carried around at the Malai Garland Festival, an annual fair and parade held in the amphur Maha Chana Chai (มหาชนะชัย) during Makha Bucha. Pronunciation malaai khaaw tauk.