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kanom gui chai (ขนมกุยช่าย)

Thai. Name for a type of steamed dumpling, filled with a mixture of chopped Chinese leek flowers (fig.), known in Thai as dok gui chai, and any kind of meat, seafood, fish or eggs, as a matter of choice and liking, yet which has been prepared, i.e. cooked or steamed, prior to being stuffed into the dumpling as a filling. The dumplings are made from rice powder and the dough used for larger dumplings is typically coloured pink and pressed into a flat, pear-shaped form of which the top is slightly bent, somewhat reminiscent of the shape of a T-Bone Steak, and which has become a trademark feature, with most shops using their own wooden mold with a customized pattern, Chinese character, or logo on it, which is hence pressed onto the dumpling during the manufacturing process. Khanon gui chai is typically eaten dipped in soy sauce. Also spelled khanom gui chai and in English referred to as Chinese leek flower dumpling or Chinese chives flower dumpling.