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Wat Cheung Tha (วัดเชิงท่า)

Thai. Name of a Buddhist temple located on the northern banks of the Meuang Canal in Ayutthaya, to the north of the city island of Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya, near Wat Na Phra Men and with the former Royal Palace just on the opposite side of the canal, somewhere between the Lopburi River in the east and the Chao Phraya River in the west. Also transliterated Wat Choeng Tha. Though parts of this ancient temple, such as Khmer-style prang and the sermon hall located in front of the prang, now lay in ruins, the monastery also has a section with renovated buildings, that is still active. Located along the river, the temple is easy accessible by boat and there are dozens of ancient small chedi scattered nearby the boat landing. The temple was formerly known by several other names and its obscure foundation date is still subject of debate. See MAP.