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Lady’s Slippers

Common name for a species of terrestrial orchid of the genus Paphiopedilum, with several botanical designations, including Paphiopedilum callosum, Cordula callosa, Cypripedium crossii, Cypripedium schmidtianum, and Paphiopedilum crossii. It has bright green leaves mottled with dark green, that grow up to 30 centimeters long and are about 5 centimeters wide (fig.). The flower stem is about 45  centimeters long and carries one or two shinny, waxy-looking flowers, each about 8-10 centimeters wide. The dorsal sepal and petals are white with purple and green stripes. The petals curl downward and have hairy, black, raised spots along the top edge. The lip of flower is reddish purple. It is also known by the common names Paph, Slipper Orchid, and Callosum Orchid. Lady's Slippers are native to mainland Southeast Asia, including Thailand, where it is known as rong thao narih khaang kob (รองเท้านารีคางกบ). Being terrestrial, it is found on shaded and moist tropical forest floors.