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Chuthathut Tharadilok (จุฑาธุชธราดิลก)

Thai. Name of a son of King Chulalongkorn and Queen Saowapha, with the title Prince of Phetchabun. He was born on the island of Koh Si Chang (fig.) in Chonburi, on 5 July 1892, as the 90th child of King Rama V and as his 15th child with Queen Saowapha (a number of miscarriages included). He was one of the most senior Thai princes during the rule of his full brother, King Wachirawut (fig.). In 1905, the Prince was sent to study in England, together with his brother, Prince Atsadang Dechawut (fig.), and his half-brother, Prince Mahidon Adunyadet (fig.). Whereas Prince Mahidon went to study at Harrow School for a year and a half, and Prince Atsadang attended a Military Academy for a short period, Prince Chuthathut studied at Magdelen College of Cambridge University. In 1918, after his return to Siam, he led an art school and became an English teacher at the Faculty of Political Science of the Chulalongkorn University. He was also a playwright, played the grand piano, the harp and the violin. He married Princess Bunjirathon (บุญจิราธร) Chumphon on 24 August 1922, though did not produce any offspring with her, as he died untimely on 8 July 1923 in Pathumwan Palace in Bangkok (dismantled in 1982), just 3 days after his 31st birthday. His name is also transcribed Chudadhuj Dharadilok, and his title is sometimes transliterated Prince of Bejrapurana.