International Year of the Child (1979)




 Issue Name: International Year of the Child
 Thai Issue Name: ปีเด็กสากล
 Issue Date: 1979/2522-01-17
 Cause: To commemorate the 1979 International Year of the Child
 Catalogue Number: 1979/1-2
 Denomination: 0.75 Baht, 0.25 Baht
 Unused Value: 35 Baht, 45 Baht
 Complete Set:  80 Baht (unused), 20 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: n/c
 Size: 45 x 24 mm for design 1979/1 and 27 x 45 mm for design 1979/2
 Quantity of Stamps: 2 million pieces per design
 Printer: Harrison & Sons Co., Ltd., England
 Subject: 1. An adult holding the hand of a boy while a girl is looking up to the adult, who is mostly out of view, and with in the background two traditional Thai houses, known as Reuan Thai, in the style of central Thailand, with a roof-hook called ngao. In the top center-right part is a brown frame with the brown silhouettes of a schoolboy and schoolgirl, both is a running pose and faced to one another; 2. A boy and a girl sitting at a Thai-Ming style chow leg coffee table topped with the Thai national flag, which is known as thong chaht. In blue, in the top left corner is the UNESCO logo of the International Year of the Child, i.e. a highly stylized head and arms of an elder lifting up a highly stylized child, flanked by a laurel wreath in a lighter shade of blue
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