Bangkok 1983 International Stamp Exhibition - 3rd Series (1983) ●


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 Issue Name: Bangkok 1983 International Stamp Exhibition (3rd series)
 Thai Issue Name: งานแสดงตราไปรษณียากรระหว่างประเทศ กรุงเทพฯ 2526 (ชุด 3)
 Issue Date: 1983/2526-08-04
 Cause: To celebrate the centenary of postal services and the first issue of Thai postage stamps, as well as to commemorate the Bangkok 1983 International Stamp Exhibition organized by the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) in cooperation with The Philatelists Association of Thailand (fig.) and held at the Suan Amphorn Auditorium from 4 to 13 August 1983.
 Catalogue Number: 1983/12-15
 Denomination: 1.25 Baht, 7.50 Baht, 8.50 Baht, 9.50 Baht
 Unused Value: 10 Baht, 40 Baht, 30 Baht, 30 Baht
 Complete Set:  110 Baht (unused), 45 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: n/c
 Size: 27 x 45 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 10,000,000 pieces for design 1983/12; and 2,000,000 pieces each for designs 1983/13-15
 Printer: John Waddington of Kirkstall Ltd., England
 Subject: A number of services offered by Thailand Post in all its forms and shapes, both in the past and now: 1. mail collection; 2. counter services; 3. airmail; 4. mail delivery. In black print, in the top right corner of each stamp, is the logo of the 1983 Bangkok International Stamp Exhibition, i.e. the year 1983 and the name Bangkok in both Thai and Roman script, framed by the perforated outlines of a postage stamp and in the top right corner the longitudinal and latitudinal lines of a world globe.
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