Buddhist monks chanting for evening prayers at Wat Sitaraam (วัดสิตาราม), a small temple near the Bo Be Market in Bangkok. Its name is also transcribed Wat Si Taramand Wat Si Taraam, and it is alternatively known by the name Wat Khok Moo (วัดคอกหมู). To the south of the temple's ubosot there are several large gilded Buddha images, including a long reclining Buddha statue that lies in an open-sided sala-style pavilion, a walking Buddha, and a Buddha statue seated in the pahng pah leh laai pose.To the west of it is a large gilded Buddha image seated in the bhumisparsa pose, as well as a somewhat smaller gilded statue of Phra Sangkatjaai and a white Burmese-style Buddha image carved from marble and seated in the maravichaya pose.