Thailand's Golden Triangle, known locally as Sahm Liam Thong Kham (สามเหลี่ยมทองคำ), is located at the confluence of the Ruak (รวก) and  Mae Khong (แม่โขง) rivers in a small village known as Sop Ruak (สบรวก). Here, the Mae Khong or Mekhong River forms the natural border between Thailand and Laos and a bit further upstream, between Laos and Myanmar. The smaller Ruak River, which is named after a species of small bamboo, forms the natural border line between Myanmar and Thailand. To its northwest, across the mighty Mekhong River, is Laos. The area was once famous for opium, the white gold, hence its name. A stunning memorial with several elephants, golden tung kradahng (ตุงกระด้าง), i.e. vertical elongated panels decorated with designs in bas-relief, and a large golden Buddha statue in the local Chiang Saen (เชียงแสน)-style, seated inside a glass dragon boat, was erected here to commemorate the sixth life cycle of HRH Queen Sirikit at the age of 72 years, an event celebrated nationwide for a whole year and that started on 12 August 2004.