Thailex Travel Encyclopedia

Thailex is a celebration of the richness of the Orient. With in excess of 18,000 inputs, over 30,000 pictures and more than 500 videos, it goes beyond where any dictionary or guidebook will take you. Though it initially focuses on Thailand, it has over time expanded its horizon well beyond those political borders, to the larger contiguous area of the Far East, including much of Southeast Asia, as well as South and East Asia, especially with regards to wildlife.



The Author

Thailex is entirely and single-handedly written, translated and composed by Yves Masure, who studied Thai at the Institute of Languages of the Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok, in addition to several modern and classical languages, including English, French, German and Norwegian (Bokmål). He also mastered to read and write the Devanagari script used for Sanskrit and Hindi, as well as the Lao and Khmer (Cambodian) scripts and some Chinese (Mandarin). He is an independent researcher and a former student of theology with an interest in exegesis and history, and also gained an in-depth knowledge of classical and oriental literature as an autodidact, studied Greek (Koine) at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven and Hebrew (Aramaic) at the Theologicum of the Diocesan Seminar in Antwerp, both in Flanders, Belgium. Yves has travelled and lived in Southeast Asia since 1993 and Thailex is the culmination of over three decades of travel, research, translation, and archival work.




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