Visit ASEAN Year (1992)


Bua Thong Flower Blooming Season in Mae Hong Son    Khlong Lahn Waterfall in Kamphaeng Phet

A coral reef off the coast of Chumphon    Koh Tah Puh in Phang Nga


 Issue Name: Visit Asian Year 1992
 Thai Issue Name: ปีการท่องเที่ยวอาเซียน 2535
 Issue Date: 1992/2535-07-01
 Cause: To advertise and to publicize the 1992 Visit ASEAN Year.
 Catalogue Number: 1992/50-53
 Denomination: 2 Baht, 3 Baht, 4 Baht, 5 Baht
 Unused Value: 5 Baht, 6 Baht, 9 Baht, 15 Baht
 Complete Set:  35 Baht (unused), 25 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: n/a
 Size: 45 x 27 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 3,000,000 pieces for design 1; and 1,000,000 pieces each for designs 2-4
 Printer: Leigh-Mardon Pty. Limited, Australia
 Subject: Logo of the 1992 Visit ASEAN Year, i.e. birds in different colours flying in front of a bright sun, a golden decorative line with a kranok ending, names of the ASEAN member states, and photos of tourist attractions in Thailand: 1. Bua Thong Flower Blooming Season on Mae U Ko Mountain in Mae Hong Son; 2. Khlong Lahn Waterfall at Khlong Lahn National Park in Kamphaeng Phet; 3. A coral reef off the coast of Chumphon; 4. Koh Tah Puh or Nail Rock Island in the Bay of Phang Nga
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