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Wat Mahathat Yuwaraja Rangsarit (วัดมหาธาตุยุวราชรังสฤษฎิ์)

Thai. One of the few temples in Thailand that is bestowed with the highest possible royal title of Rajavora Maha Vihaan. Its name is usually abbreviated to Wat Mahathat. The temple is located on Rattanakosin Island in Bangkok, yet was built during the Ayutthaya Period. It accommodates the Buddhist university Maha Chulalongkorn Rajawitthayalai for the higher education of monks. It for a while also housed the National Library, after it moved from Sala Sahathai Samakhom (fig.) and prior to moving to its present location on Samsen Road. The inner court features a white prang with niches that contain golden Buddha images in the abhaya position (fig.). It is located alongside Sanam Luang (fig.), yet hidden from view by the Thawornwatthu (ถาวรวัตถุ - also transliterated Thavaravathu) Building, an elongated, yellowish, brown-roofed edifice, that runs along the street as a kind of facade for the temple and the adjacent buildings of the Vipassana Meditation Centre, and which served for a while as the National Library. Also spelled Wat Mahathat Yuwaraht Rangsarit. See also POSTAGE STAMP and MAP.