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Wat Chamadevi (วัดจามเทวี)

Thai. Name of a Buddhist temple in Lamphun (fig.). Its main attraction is a pyramid-shaped chedi akin to the Chedi Pathumwadi (ปทุมวดีเจดีย์) at Wat Phrathat Haripunchai (fig.). It is made of bricks and has several arched niches, which contain standing Buddha images. The style of the pagoda is said to be based on that of Bodhgaya in India and was built on the initiative of Queen Chamadevi (fig.), after whom the temple is now named. She brought in workers from Lavo, i.e. modern Lopburi, which was then a part of the Dvaravati Kingdom to which also Haripunchai, i.e. present-day Lamphun, belonged. Located in northern Thailand, the temple is built in the Dvaravati and Lan Na styles. Also known as Wat Ku Kut (วัดกู่กุด) and by some called Wat Phrathat Chamadevi.