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Wang Pramuan (วังประมวญ)

Thai. ‘Combined Palace. Name of the royal residence of Prince Phitayalongkorn (fig.), a nephew to King Mongkut, and later of his son Phisadet Ratchani, located on a 12 rai plot of royal land on Pramuan Road in the khwaeng Silom, in Bangkok's khet Bangrak. It consists of a two-storey house, which was designed by Momchao Wothayakon Worawan (โวฒยากร วรวรรณ), an architect and a grandson of King Rama IV. Prior to moving to Wang Pramuan, the Phitayalongkorn family had lived in a wooden palace furnished in neoclassical Adams style located along Khlong Bang Luang (คลองบางหลวง), near Charoen Phaat Bridge (สะพานเจริญพาศน์). After acquiring the plot of land in on Pramuan Road, the former palace was dismantled and replaced by a printer shop named Rohng Pim Pramuan Mark (โรงพิมพ์ประมวณมาร์ค), after the penname of Wiphawadi Ratchani (วิภาวดี รัชนี), i.e. Wiphawadi Rangsit, the daughter of Prince Phitayalongkorn, who lived here during her childhood.