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Phleng Chaht Thai (เพลงชาติไทย)

Thai. ‘Thai National Anthem’. Part of daily Thai life in Thailand is the national Anthem. It is broadcasted daily on television and radio at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., and sometimes again after the last program. It is also played at the beginning and the end of each working day in some public places, such as train stations, schools, police stations, etc. In public places people will stop walking and stand up during the time it plays. The text of the current song was written by Nuan Pajinphayak, the music has been composed by Pitti Wahthayakorn, and it has been the National Anthem since 1939, though a similar version was first broadcasted in July 1932, but since underwent several gradual changes. The text has strong nationalistic words and translates as follows: ‘Thailand is founded on the blood and flesh the Thai people share, every portion of the land belongs to us, thus we must uphold it entirely. All Thais are harmonious united and we are a peace loving people. But if war should come we will fight bravely to the bitter end, not allowing our independence to be oppressed. We are ready to sacrifice every drop of blood as a national offering, so our nation will progress and victor. Hurrah!’ READ AND LISTEN.