Siamese Rooster (2005)


‘Rooster at Dawn’ by Prayat Phongdam    ‘Golden Rooster’ by Phichai Niran    ‘Legendary Rooster’ by Chakraphan Pohsayakrit

‘Devine Rooster’ by Chalermchai Kohsitphiphat


 Issue Name:

Siamese Roosters

 Thai Issue Name: ระกาสยาม
 Issue Date: 2005/2548-11-24
 Cause: Commemorative stamps to mark the year of the rooster
 Catalogue Number: 2005/53-56
 Denomination: 3 Baht, 3 Baht, 3 Baht, 3 Baht
 Unused Value: 5 Baht, 5 Baht, 5 Baht, 5 Baht
 Complete Set:  20 Baht (unused), 8 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: Unused set
 Size: 27 x 45 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 1,000,000 pieces per design
 Printer: Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand
 Subject: Drawings of roosters created by four of Thailand's top artists: 1. Rooster at Dawn by Prayat Phongdam (ประหยัด พงษ์ดำ), depicting a rooster standing on its cage ready to crow; 2. Golden Rooster by Phichai Niran (พิชัย นิรันต์) depicting a colourful rooster standing in a field of flowers under a golden sky; 3. Legendary Rooster by Chakraphan Pohsayakrit (จักรพันธุ์ โปษยกฤต) depicting a girl dressed in a dancing outfit imitating a rooster; 4. ‘Devine Rooster’ by Chalermchai Kohsitphiphat (เฉลิมชัย โฆษิตพิพัฒน์), i.e. the designer of Wat Rong Khun, depicting a Thai-style (fig.) rooster at right, standing on one leg on a tree stump
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