Children's Day (2008)


‘Walking on High Stilts’ by Ms. Khemtit Kamsrichan

‘Kite Flying’ by Mr. Nattaphon Sae Lim    ‘Hun Krabok’ by Ms. Sirada Chokkhayaangkoon

 ‘Candle Festival’ by Miss Salinthip Narongphan    ‘Welcoming Mae Poh Sop’ by Mr. Amonthep Jitnak


 Issue Name: National Children's Day 2008
 Thai Issue Name: วันเด็ก ปี 2553
 Issue Date: 2008/2553-01-12
 Cause: Annual Commemorative Stamps to mark the National Children's Day, with 5 selections that were awarded in the Postage Stamp Painting Competition held in 2007 at the 20th Asian International Stamp Exhibition in Bangkok.
 Catalogue Number: 2008/2-6
 Denomination: 3 Baht (5 designs)
 Unused Value: 3 Baht (5 designs)
 Complete Set: 15 Baht
 Thailex Collection: Unused set
 Size: 30 x 48 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 1,000,000 pieces per design
 Printer: Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand
 Subject: Winning designs of the 2007 Bangkok Postage Stamp Painting Competition: 1. Walking on High Stilts by Ms. Khemtit Kamsrichan (เข็มทิศ คำศรีจันทร์) from Bangkok; 2. Kite Flying by Mr. Nattaphon Sae Lim (ณัฐพล แซ่ลิ้ม) from Nakhon Pathom; 3. Hun Krabok by Ms. Sirada Chokkhayaangkoon (ศิรดา โชคยางกูร) from Chachungsao; 4. ‘Candle Festival’ by Miss Salinthip Narongphan (สลิลทิพย์ ณรงค์พันธ์) from Bangkok; 5. ‘Welcoming Mae Poh Sop’ by Mr. Amonthep Jitnak (อมรเทพ จิตรหนัก) from Nakhon Ratchasima
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