Children's Day (2006)





 Issue Name: National Children's Day
 Thai Issue Name: วันเด็ก ปี 2549
 Issue Date: 2006/2549-01-14
 Cause: Annual Commemorative Stamps to mark the National Children's Day
 Catalogue Number: 2006/3-6
 Denomination: 3 Baht (4 designs)
 Unused Value: 4 Baht (4 designs)
 Complete Set: 16 Baht (unused), 8 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: Unused set
 Size: 27 x 45 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 700,000 pieces per design
 Printer: Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand
 Subject: Prize-winning paintings from the 2001 International Letter Writing Week student competition with the theme on Thai lifestyles: 1. farmers threshing rice (fig.), which is carried from the field using a lao, a woman and a girl preparing food (presumably somtam) with a krok and saak (fig.), and a boy riding a water buffalo - painted by the boy Panuphong Tiaprasong (ภาณุพงศ์ เตียประสงค์) from Nakhon Ratchasima; 2. a village with a floating market, a monk receiving alms (fig.) and a woman carrying a load with a mai kaan haab (fig.) - painted by a girl named Naraphon Daoreuang (นราภรณ์ ดาวเรือง) from Bangkok; 3. a farmer collecting sugar from a sugar palm, a woman with a child on her arm feeding geese, a pigsty called lao moo (fig.), rice paddies and a banana plant with an inflorescence called hua plih (fig.), a man wearing a ngop (fig.) putting hay on a haystack, people working in a vegetable garden with a handheld plough (fig.), and general life on the farm and river, with a reua tae paddle boat (fig.) and some children riding white oxen and an albino buffalo - painted by a girl called Reuthairat Suwanchang (ฤทัยรัตน์ สุวรรช่าง) from Phetchaburi; 4. upcountry village, with on the ground some chickens and a soom kai (fig.), a giant water pot called ohng, as well as children playing mah kahn kluay (fig.), a woman holding a young coconut cut open to drink, and a family going out with the father carrying a pintoh, the mother a tray with sweets made with sticky rice and wrapped in banana leaves (fig.), and the daughter with lotus flowers - painted by the girl Suchadah Pahkamsih (สุชาดา ปาคำสี) from Nakhon Ratchasima.
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