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ying peun gahn gluay (ยิงปืนก้านกล้วย)

Thai. ‘To shoot a banana stalk gun’. Name of a traditional Thai boy's game from the past (fig.), in which kids playfully shoot with a homemade imaginary rifle, that is created from a banana stem, firing at each other without the use of any actual projectiles. The toy weapon is made by stripping a banana leaf from the leafy part, retaining only the thick stalk. From root to tip, a number of circa 6 centimeters long notches are slit at intervals along one side of the stalk. The outer parts of these notches are then bent upright to an angle of 90 degrees with the stalk, while still attached to it at the base (fig.), and though reminiscent of the customary bead and crook normally used to sight’ a weapon, i.e. to align it with the target, the erect parts here are used to create a clapping sound. By swiping ones hand quickly and powerful along the upright parts, they fold forward and create a sound akin to that of a weapon being fired.