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dokmai fai (ดอกไม้ไฟ)

Thai. ‘Fire flower’ or ‘bloom of light’. Term for pyrotechnics or fireworks, i.e. luminous explosives fired into the dark sky, which are –as in most places of the world– displayed at night to celebrate important or special events, such as celebrations during the Week of the Bridge over the River Kwae (fig.), Wan Chaleum Phra Chonma Phansa (fig.), i.e. the Thai King's Birthday (fig.), which coincides with Father's Day in Thailand, New Year (fig.), Loi Krathong, etc. Besides these events, there are also regular firework festivals and even competitions. In addition, many of the prominent hotels along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok also organize fireworks on a regular basis as part of weddings or other celebrations held in such hotels. Fireworks are believed to be invented by the Chinese. Also called dokmai phleung (ดอกไม้เพลิง), i.e. ‘fire flowers’. See POSTAGE STAMPS.