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Wat Phra Thamma Kaay (วัดพระธรรมกาย)

Thai. Name of a Buddhist temple in Pathum Thani, located in the tambon Khlong Sahm of the amphur Khlong Luang. It was established on Wan Makha Bucha in 1970 and its main attraction is the Maha Thamma Kaay Chedi, a large, slowly tapering, hill-like structure, with stair-like levels and topped with a dome, in English referred to as the Maha Dhammakaya Stupa (fig.). This UFO-shaped structure is adorned with numerous (allegedly one million) golden, miniaturized versions of the Phra prathaan or main Buddha image inside the hall, commonly referred to as Phra Thamma Kaay. Each of these copies is engraved with the name of their donators. Displayed simultaneously they form a shiny golden mount of Buddha images, each believed to radiate a fraction of the energy of the Enlightened One. It is also a reminder of the 1,250 enlightened monks who, without prior notice or call, simultaneously came to the Buddha to hear him preach, an event that is annually celebrated during Makha Bucha. In terms of inhabitants, this temple is said to be the largest in the nation, claiming to house about 3,000 monks, novices, laymen and laywomen. In English, also transcribed Wat Phra Dhammakaya. See also QUADCOPTER PICTURE and MAP.