International Day of Peace (2005)


Portrait of a white dove carrying an olive branch in its beak and a rainbow in the back


 Issue Name: International Day of Peace
 Thai Issue Name: วันสันติภาพสากล
 Issue Date: 2005/2548-09-21
 Cause: To mark the annual International Day of Peace, established by the United nations, which has as its ultimate goal to maintain world peace.
 Catalogue Number: 2005/42
 Denomination: 3 Baht
 Unused Value: 4 Baht
 Used Value: 2 Baht
 Thailex Collection: Unused stamp
 Size: 31 x 31 mm
 Quantity of Stamps: 1,000,000 pieces
 Printer: Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand
 Subject: Portrait of a white dove carrying an olive branch in its beak, with in the back a rainbow. It derives from the biblical story described in Genesis 8:11, where Noah released a dove after the flood in order to find land, and is used as a symbol of peace by Christians. In the same story of in Genesis 9:13-16, God describes the rainbow as a sign to symbolize the covenant between himself and the earth, that never again the waters will become a flood to destroy all life on earth. In many other cultures the dove is also seen as a bird of peace due to its kind nature.
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