700 Years of Thai Alphabet (1983)


1983/25     1983/26

1983/27    1983/28


 Issue Name: 700 Years of Thai Alphabet
 Thai Issue Name: งานฉลอง 700 ปี ลายเสือไทย
 Issue Date: 1983/2526-11-17
 Cause: To celebrate the invention of the Thai Alphabet in 1283 by King Ramkamhaeng, ruler of Sukhothai, who is the acclaimed preserver of Thailand's cultural heritage in the field of linguistics
 Catalogue Number: 1983/25-28
 Denomination: 3 Baht, 7 Baht, 8 Baht, 9 Baht
 Unused Value: 30 Baht, 50 Baht, 35 Baht, 35 Baht
 Complete Set:  150 Baht (unused), 40 Baht (used)
 Thailex Collection: n/a
 Size: 27 x 45 mm for designs 1983/25-26, and 45 x 27 mm for designs 1983/27-28
 Quantity of Stamps: 1,000,000 pieces per design
 Printer: John Waddington of Kirkstall Ltd., England
 Subject: 1. Sangkhalok (Sangkalok) or Sawankhalok ware, i.e. (usually painted) pottery from the Sukhothai period and region, including a doll, plate, bowl and a hongse-shaped kendi; 2. close-up of the epigraph on the Stone of Ramkamhaeng, with the silhouette of this ancient sila jahreuk in the background; 3. statue of a walking Buddha, an important artistic innovation from the Sukhothai period and now one of the four iryapatha; 4. remnants of Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai Historical Park.
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